MSMP 9: Dom Wells on Empowerment and Management

Many leaders of today never want to be described as “micromanaging” but are consciously one. Delegating “responsibility” is different from just delegating a task, and this is what Dom Wells lives by.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, the difference between Articulating and Deciding is being shared to us by no other than Dom Wells. He also discusses his management philosophy.

Dom Wells is fully aware of his weakness, so he invested in building a team in a way that supplements his weakness and the need required for business success and sustainability.

Empowerment for Dom is a win-win situation for him, as he could focus more on what he does best with the people who are engaged and strongly feels connected to their current roles and the value of their contribution.

For Dom, empowering your team and giving up control can both be a frightening experience but he is fully aware that by controlling his team, by not giving the freedom of choice over the responsibilities delegated to them, he is impeding their ability to grow and to do what they are supposed to do.

Hence, Dom navigates on empowerment by trusting his team and giving them the space to be able to decide on what they do best; be leaders and become valuable contributors of the business success.  This philosophy also applies to the tools Dom Wells provide for his team for them to learn and grow for empowerment to be a critical factor in engagement.

Key Learning:
1. Dom Wells’ Management Philosophy – (12:50), (14:19)
2. People Management Mission – (16:02)
3. Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions – (37:58)

Golden Nugget:
Difference between Articulating and Deciding – (11:38)

Applications Mentioned:
1. Asana
2. Basecamp
3. Trello
4. Google Sheets

Books Mentioned:
1. Clockwork
Author: Micke Michalowicz

2. Traction
Author: Gino Wickman

Connect with Dom Wells on the following online handles:
1. Linkedin
2. Website
3. E-mail: [email protected]