MSMP 40: Dane Maxwell on Great Deals Businesses 

Passionate about building businesses that would exemplify his wealth, Dane Maxwell truly exemplifies how he can make great deals with the businesses that he has so far ventured in. 
Joining us in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no less than, Dane Maxwell, owner of a low-multi million dollar SaaS business and an author himself. 

Dane’s journey started when he started building software in service companies. He acknowledges the fact that although his businesses began with 16 different ideas, 11 of which failed while 5 of it succeeded. Dane attributed its success when he started to listen and embrace to his customers’ ideas. 

Dane himself is spontaneous that he likes to build businesses with rapid speed, and he does it by finding a market, finding the first opportunity, and putting an expert in place to solve an issue.
Dane knows what he aims for and what his real goal s are. It is with those “end in mind” that he systematically plans and executes the by-products of what he aims for. 

Key Learning Points: 
  1. Dane Maxwell’s Entrepreneurial Mindset - 4:24 
  2. Dane Maxwell’s Biggest Business Challenge - 22:50 
  3. Dane Maxwell’s Golden Nugget - 45:00
Author: Dane Maxwell

Resource: Wealth Dynamics 
Author: Roger Hamilton

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