MSMP 37: Kieran Browning on Business Process Optimization

The principle of business process management is that processes are critical to the success of an organization or of a business. How an organization or business repeatedly and sustainably transform its business processes from X to Z is the essence of the organization.

Joining me in today's episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Kieran Browning, Business Optimization Consultant. Kieran joins us today to impart to us how he is working with Agency Owners to streamline their processes so they can grow without the owner's constant involvement. 

Kierran Browning works directly with agency owners to streamline their operations and scale their business without the stress. 

Kieran's philosophy in process management is that problems must not repeat over and over again. Otherwise, the process does not work, or the process is not enforced. 

For Kieran, the process and the people must work for the organization. 

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Key Learning Points: 

  1. Kieran Browning'sBrowning's Process in Streamlining Businesses - 1:08, 2:25
  2. Kieran Browning'sBrowning's Roadblocks in Business Process Management - 3:42
  3. Kieran Browning'sBrowning's Learnings from a Management Standpoint - 12:35
  4. Kieran Browning'sBrowning's Tips on Process and Task Management - 19:57


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