Can You Imagine One Year Of Productivity In Just Three Months?

“A person is judged based on results. Often harsh, always fair.”

– Tom Willhite


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The Secret To High Performance Productivity

Imagine what it would be like if you could access high performance mode whenever you want and confidently get all the work done which is on your ToDo list… Freeing you up to focus on higher leverage work OR even taking some time off.

Imagine what it would be like if even your employees doubled their performance, providing you with motivation and purpose and an empty ToDo list.

Imagine what it would be like if your staff cared as much about the growth and health of your business as you do? 

Imagine what it would be like if your would consistently achieve goals set far higher than anyone thought possible.

All of this is not only possible, but probable… when you develop high performance productivity skills.

How do I know this? Because I’ve helped businesses, both large and small (and everything in between), leverage the strengths, talents, and imagination of their people to exponentially grow and scale their businesses in ways they could never have foreseen.

Hi, My Name is Chris Reynolds

I am the founder of The Business Method Podcast and Get Shit Done Live.

The Business Method and Get Shit Done Live helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses rapidly using high-performance productivity techniques.

I have been a location independent entrepreneur for over 8 years and traveling the world consistently during that time.

Over the years I have created business accelerators while interviewing more than 300 successful entrepreneurs on my podcast, including people like Steven Kotler, author of Bold and Abundance, Jim Rogers, former partner of George Sorors, John Lee Dumas, #1 Business Podcaster, Casey Fenton, founder of Couch Surfing and Ron Lynch the marketing mind that took GoPro from $600k to $600 million.

Currently, I focus on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and life using research driven high-performance techniques.

Hi, My Name is Mads Singers

Having worked as a management coach for 6+ years, I have coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola and I have worked with innumerable entrepreneurs in small to mid-sized companies.

My one main focus remain the same, effective people management.

Organizations, no matter their size – are built with awesome people. If you don’t know how to get the most out of your staff, you are missing out big time… and this is why I’m here!

Listen, management isn’t terribly complicated. You can quickly learn the most important management processes and become a more effective manager starting today. And you’ll find that this is the #1 “superpower” you’ll use to rapidly grow and scale your company.

The fact of the matter is that gaining the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and experience to become a management coach & consultant didn’t come easy.

The importance of effective management was a somewhat bewildering collision with reality for me. As with most entrepreneurs who have this experience, I too went through a lot of trial and error. And quite frankly, it was expensive and stressful.

But I knew that I had to master this skill. So, I invested hundreds of hours in reading books, attending workshops & seminars, and over $100,000 in my own education.

Now, I want to drastically shorten your learning curve by sharing everything I’ve learned over the last 20+ years with you, just as I have done with 100’s of other entrepreneurs and managers. And help you avoid the huge trial and error costs most entrepreneurs end up paying dearly for.

Introducing ‘High Performance Productivity’

*Note: The above image is a representation of the digital content you will have immediate access to upon enrollment. You will not be shipped any physical goods.

High Performance Productivity is a 10-module online learning course that shows you how to drastically increase your productivity, work efficiently, plan accordingly and setup a lifestyle to get shit done!

No longer will you get bogged down in the day-to-day minutia. No longer will you let the best opportunities pass you by. No longer will you find yourself frustrated with the performance of your team.

Instead, your business will operate like a well-oiled machine. And all the untapped potential of your current and future employees will be unleashed in common purpose.

"Chris Reynolds has been my coach for the past 12 months, since meeting him in Thailand. After meeting Chris at his “Get Shit Done” live event, I started getting the benefits of his productivity coaching. He has a great way of making me believe in myself, by setting ambitious goals and going after that. One year ago, I couldn’t get a single sales call for coaching in 8 days. The last 2 days of the 10 day workshop, I got 7 sales calls. With his coaching support, over the past year, I have had 600 sales calls and over 120 career coaching clients. I can truly say that without Chris’ support this year, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today, my income is 4x times what I was making before at my last full-time job."

Tom Kent
Career Coach & Founder,

Join The 2% of Entrepreneurs Using High Productivity Principles for Exponential Growth

  • Discover the science of high performance productivity and what brainwaves and neurochemicals have to do with your peak performance
  • Learn why your lifestyle like your sleep, nutrition, exercise and even your relationships have a huge influence on your productivity
  • Meet the biggest enemy of productivity and how to fight it
  • We’ll talk about why your environment and also the people you surround yourself with can either hold you back from productivity or accelerate your performance

How Does the Course Work?

Upon enrolling you’ll receive immediate lifetime access to the High Performance Productivity Course where all of your course materials, downloads, and video training will live. Whether you want to get through everything in one day, a week, or wait six months to begin…the material will always be there when you’re ready to dive in.

The course is designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind – no fluff, no filler. 

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn:

Module 1: Introduction to High Performance Productivity

  • Quick introduction to Chris and Mads
  • How fixing a roof was an eye opening experience for Chris and why it increased his productivity dramatically
  • Why there is good stress and bad stress..
  • ..and its neurochemical background
  • How to differentiate good from bad stress
  • Best practices for note taking during this course

Module 2: The Science of Productivity

  • What science can teach you about productivity
  • Why brainwaves and productivity are connected
  • What a flow state is and how to induce flow
  • Why sex, singing and seminars are connected to flow states

Module 3: Simple Techniques to Tap Into High Performance

  • How to tap into high productivity
  • The biggest enemy of productivity and how to fight it
  • What is the Daily D.O.S.E.?
  • The four happy brain chemicals
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin
  • Endorphins

Module 4: Lifestyle

  • Why your lifestyle is crucial for your high performance productivity
  • Deep dive into lifestyle categories like health, exercise, sleep, friends, travel and more…
  • How to maintain healthy sleep habits
  • Why adventure and travel can be important for your brain chemistry
  • Why money worries can kill your productivity
  • How to incorporate fun into your business and why it’s even important
  • Why rituals are important and how to take time off

Module 5: Environment

  • Why your environment is stronger than your willpower
  • How to avoid environmental distractions
  • Why the people you surround yourself with are so important
  • Anabolic people VS. catabolic people
  • Why a cluttered desk might distract you
  • Why making your bed improves your productivity

Module 6: Accountability

  • How to make deadlines work for you
  • Why making your goals public might be a good idea
  • Why hiring a coach is a good idea
  • Other ways to hold yourself accountable

Module 7: The Magic Pill of Productivity

  • Why your calendar and your bank statement unveil everything about your true priorities
  • Why scheduling and having a calendar is so important
  • Software tools to track your productivity and to find out where you spend your time
  • How to schedule your work and if Pomodoros are really the best way to do it

Module 8: Goal Setting and Weekly Planning

  • How to set short-, mid- and long-term goals
  • Why limiting your goals should be a priority
  • SMART Goals Setting
  • The Weekly Planning Process
  • How to plan your MITs (Most Important Tasks)

Module 9: Productivity With Your Team

  • Why a healthy work environment is important for your team
  • Settings goals and deadlines for your team
  • Gamification and healthy competition
  • Clear communication with your team
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Module 10: Wrap-Up

  • More tools & methods to increase your productivity
  • Music, timers, planners, visualisation, meditation
  • Freebies and resources for more productivity
  • Final exercise
  • How to continue your productivity journey

Access Mads' Private Mastermind Group

When you enroll in High Performance Productivity today, you’ll get unrestricted access to the private Facebook mastermind group.

After talking with my current students and gathering feedback, the mastermind is consistently rated as one of the best, most VALUABLE parts of the course.

This gives you a way to talk to, share with and learn from other people going through the system… PLUS, you have direct communication with the myself & my team.

We are in there every day answering your questions, helping members and encouraging you to take action now.

It’s also a place to ENGAGE with hundreds of other entrepreneurs who’re actively growing their team and scaling their business. It’s not just a Facebook group, it’s a support system on steroids.

I’m Ready to Enroll. What Do I Get?

The Full Online Course:

Over 10 modules of video training you can access from any digital device connected to the web (desktop, phone, tablet, etc)

Private Mastermind Group:

Unrestricted access to my private Facebook mastermind group – consistently rated as one of the best, most VALUABLE parts of the course.

Surprise From Chris:

After finishing the High Performance Productivity Course you’ll get an extra special surprise from Chris Reynolds!

Ready to Achieve 1-Year of Productivity in 3-Months?

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"I learned how to work with my business partner in a better way. The crunch time and the urgency, got us to figure things out much more rapidly."

Olivia Solero
Founder & Content Marketer, Cannabis Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon enrolling you will have immediate lifetime access so you can take the course whenever you’d like, no matter your schedule. Just don’t wait too long, because “someday” never comes… and I want to help you take real action.

Nope, this is a self-guided program. Take it at your own pace, everyone in the Facebook Community is at a different stage. Newcomers are always given a warm welcome.

I designed this course with busy entrepreneurs in mind. Which is why I’ve kept each module as concise as possible. No fluff or filler. You can complete the course in under 8 hours.

I am 100% confident this system works for any type of business, but if you simply can’t figure out how to apply this system to your unique goals, I’m happy to give you a 100% refund within 30 days of enrollment. See more info about my no-brainer guarantee below.


I have spent more than 16 years learning everything I possibly can about building and managing high performance teams and what it truly takes to achieve difficult goals. I use this exact system every single day to get the most from the teams that run my businesses. Therefore I am 100% confident the systems and strategies outlined in this course will change the way you approach growing and scaling your business through effective management.

You are welcome to join ‘High Performance Productivity’ for 30 days, 100% RISK FREE

You can review every piece of learning material in this course, and if you find that it doesn’t meet your level of satisfaction, all you have to do is send me one email and request your refund.

But here’s the deal – I’m not looking for “tire kickers.” I have no interest in offering 16+ years of my knowledge to those who just want to “window shop.” So I’m going to assume you’re serious about putting 100% of your effort into this program. And if you feel that I haven’t given you 100% of my effort in return, you get 100% of your purchase price refunded to you. It’s that simple.

Just don’t be “that guy” who buys the course, doesn’t log in for 29 days, then figures he deserves a refund. But I’m offering this no questions asked refund because I know you’re not “that guy.”

Ready to Achieve 1-Year of Productivity in 3-Months?

Gain Instant Lifetime Access For Only: $597

Have questions before buying? No problem, scroll up to the FAQ section!

Not ready to pull the trigger yet?

There’s no reason not to with my no-brainer 30-DAY GUARANTEE