Favorite purchases of 2018:
Management Consultation from Mads Singers

LeadSpring (my affiliate agency) had a company retreat on the island of Koh Samui, and I decided to fly in Mads Singers for a custom consultation on management training.
I’ll put it like this…
My team and I liked it so much, I rolled this out to all of my other businesses.
We learned a ton about delegation, hiring, firing, motivating, personality types, etc.
I can easily say that it paid itself off within the month.

Matt Diggity – DiggityMarketing.com

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My staff really listened to Mads

“My staff really listened to Mads and recognized him immediately as an authority in the space of people management. He made the leadership team much more confident in leading their people. That led to a much more stable growth for my business. As a consequence I could go on a 3-month world wide trip – because now I have a leadership team in place that takes charge of all the important tasks and I don’t have to micromanage my staff anymore!”

Kris Reid – Ardorseo.com

I brought Mads on to my company retreat

“I brought Mads to our company retreat, and that investment was the best investment I have made in my management team”

Kurt Philip - Convertica.org

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Trusted and used by many companies

“Mads helped us grow our small local equestrian business into a larger worldwide ecommerce distributor of equestrian equipment in less than a year- The way he was able to understand our business (with no background) and instantly add value to our business model, processes and the way we operate our business and even the marketing side of the business was amazing. If you ever get a chance to work with him, I highly recommend you take it!”

Lesley Koekenbier
Co-Founder – Aiversport.com

Before working with Mads I struggled

”Before working with Mads I struggled with the management of my team and often avoided it, which created more problems. I wanted to focus on growing the business but management related issues kept popping up and slowing things down. I came to the realization that if I wanted the business to grow I needed a high functioning team to do that and effective management was key to getting the team performing at its best. After attempting to work on improving this on my own, I finally was referred to Mads from some friends and quickly hired him. Mads helped me implement a clearer management structure in my business that freed up my time and got team members to take ownership in important parts of the business. The biggest breakthrough Mads helped me with was setting up stretch goals for every team member. This was a game changer for us because team members started coming up with solutions in the business I never would have thought of and they started finding ways to increase performance and cut costs. Because of Mads help I have more time to focus on business growth while my team is getting better results than ever before. If you struggle with team management, like me, I would definitely recommend working with Mads.”

Jordan Boshers
Founder – Tajmeeli.com

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What I wasn’t expecting was how much better we could be.

“I knew that our team wasn’t operating as well as it could and that’s why I bought Mads course. What I wasn’t expecting was how much better we could be. Everything from personality types and recruitment, delegation, how you setup your teams, meetings etc. really resonated with me. It all just makes perfect sense and the coaching call at the end really solidifies the thought process. I’m very energized to keep implementing Mads training.”

Graham Hass
Founder – Found First Marketing Inc

Ian Horley 

We had a common understanding of what management means.

- Ian Horley


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